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Maximize Business Efficiency with Pigment

A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting found that Pigment drove an average total ROI of 306% over 3 years, with a
payback period of 6 months or less.

Pigment Total Economic Impact

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ROI that speaks for itself

The implementation of any enterprise platform is a significant undertaking. Pigment commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct independent research into the Total Economic Impact (TEI) of Pigment for organizations implementing it in place of legacy solutions.

Study findings for a composite organization representative of interviewed customers:


Return on Investment

Over three years

<6 Months

Payback Time


Saving time is the easiest benefit of Pigment to quantify
thanks to its productivity improvements, including reducing
spreadsheet manipulations and integrating data.

~Financial Controlling Director, Children's Toys & Apparel


How much time did Pigment customers save?

Time Savings with Pigment

Financial Planning & Analysis Time Savings

130 hours per analyst, 480 hours per FTE equivalent within the payroll team & 84 hours per executive yearly. 

Sales Planning Time Savings

619 hours of work per analyst and 201 hours of work per sales planner yearly.  

Business Forecasting Time Savings

20 hours per analyst and 16 hours per executive per forecasting cycle.  

Scenario Planning Time Savings

12 hours per analyst during each of 10 scenarios planning reviews yearly & six hours per executive at each of the four scenario planning reviews per year. 

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